Work on General Settings: these will effect all drawing tools

Work on a color picker and size adjustment, I want to add line material/type as well, dotted/solid at least.

Today I will be producing short 45second videos of each tool, and how biometric and drawing action data effects the suggestions and output of these tools. These will be narrated and annotated.

I’m also going to finish diagrams for the two tool selection systems I have been designing.

The first is a behavior tree system where all control of tool selection is left under software control and its response to user data.

The second system that I am learning towards is more of a balance between user selection and software selection. Tools are grouped by the suggestion type/method of output that they use. These groups contain a specific set of tools that the software then can select. The choice to create specific tools that create “ghost-lines or machine suggestions” in different ways, dealing with different actions and separate data was to expand and blur the threshold between drawing and suggestion.

Questions that this thesis raises are focused on the use of biometric data while drawing, does feedback related to this data engage the user and create an environment where creativity is fostered and not hampered? Is this loss of control and forced constraint a tool itself? Where is the line drawn between a suggestion from the software and a drawing from the software?

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