These 3 settings windows are closer to complete.

In the past I had designed the interface to only have contextual settings that would appear based on the tool the software had selected for the user, this lack of control in my initial tests seemed frustrating and even with three tools switching between them confused users and made it unclear what tool was being used. I have some ideas for making this more apparent, less obtrusive, and happen more subtly, but before attempting to fix those design problems I wanted to attempt a new system giving the user more control.

The idea for this interface is that the user has control over a group of tools, physical, historical, aggressive and eraser/affector. These sets have sub tools related to each other that the software will select from based on biometric data (EMG,Pressure, Tilt, Heart rate) and in application data (acceleration, pen position, line type).

The settings window allows control over the working of each of these sub tools and is context sensitive to each group of tools. Finding a balance between what control to give the user and what to keep under software control will be interesting and must be balanced until something engaging is produced.

I have also started working on the logic and code behind integrating all the tools into the GUI and having a FSM ( Finite State Machine) run each tool. When a group of tools is selected in the populist on the upper left and signal is sent to a controller object, this object then selects the settings window to display, then it will engage the Controller for that group of tools, the physical tools controller for instance, which is will read data for x time, decide a state, and select a specific tool, after y time, it will select another tool or the same tool depending on data. If at anytime a tool is switched by the user a new controller will be activated by the FSM.

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