Quick electronics repair, addition of heart rate sensor, and final installation plans

I’m looking back at a past project of mine when integrating the hrmi board from spark fun that communicates to a polar jogging strap for a pretty robust heart beat signal, it’s preprocessed so no need to do additional peak finding and smoothing which is why I’ll be going with it at least for now instead of a blood oximetey sensor setup, these use light instead to detect heart rate based on the different opacity of blood when it is oxygen rich pre or post heart beat.

This is nice because it could just be another sensor strapped to the hand, but too much setup, building, and processing, for now… Manufactured sensors are very expensive and my initial research seems they don’t use easily read interfaces.


I’ll be integrating the HRMI board shortly into my range of senses and I have a few immediate plans for it to be integrated along with pressure into the library of suggestion types I posted last week.

I’ve had a few thoughts on a final installation/presentation that I wanted to put down: A recorded video of the prototypes being used by participants in a few trials to gauge how engaging the different ghostline/suggestion types are. ¬†These videos will be narrated and explain the intended use and workings of the prototypes.

A second phase of the presentation will be 3 interactive prototype installations with 3 different sets of custom hardware all running different versions of software to allow the critics to experience the different behaviors I had outlines before (passive, moderate, aggressive)

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  1. Sean says:

    Still a level above my pay grade, however, I thought you might enjoy:

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