Notes On Behavioral Model

springs/dampening of the cursor and drawing point. SLERP, LERP, HERMITITE, try other interpolation methods… possibly bouncing, or changing in relation to acceleration or pressure, EMG.

(Integrate pulse)? would be interested in leg bouncing or other automatic movements.

(future…)tilt and pressure effecting the multiplier, tilting could increase lag, increasing pressure could decrease lag. complex behaviors could result. data could also effect how many lines are being drawn at once, by tilting we could draw multiple lines with different time multiples are the same time.

wait for mouse to be stationary ( use pre made container for this) then draw a line backward in history to points that were drawn ( modify existing code for this) change speed with pressure.

another passive possibility is to rotate the line object being drawn about the current mouse position…? or rotate all objects
( gain a new perspective on drawing)

Constant line drawn from position of mouse to…. x… this is primarily data driven but responds to drawn lines.

move a series of points (actors with behaviors?) or derive a wave and sample points to generate the line.

if each point could just be effected by data x,y,z effecting different direction in space?

using the agent based system from before to generate lines. These actors behaviors are dynamic, they respond to drawn lines, and data?

WhenTO switch between behaviors….
switching between moderate, aggressive, passive modes based on data/history, possibly a small amount of randomness.

For now we may switch between these modes randomly…

Idea 1: use large averages, or allow tweaking, the system gets aggressive if the user is aggressive. If average speed and pressure are high over some amount of time then get aggressive for some amount of time, then check again something like that.

if pressure && average speed && accl > thresholds then aggressive(10 seconds)
else if pressure && “”…etc. then passive(30 seconds)

count how many times we get aggressive and if it’s not accomplishing anything then don’t try it again. or try aggressive type 2, (scale everything or delete some parts of drawing) etc.

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