Prototype: {Pressure Sensitive}

This prototype finally makes use of real wacom data coming into unity in a build, I’ve been informed that I cannot get wacom data into the editor so you see a debug console in the build above.

This prototype uses wacom pressue data to determine a range of past points to connect to and at what rate it iterates through these lines, as you increase the pressure on the drawing the speed of iteration slows and the number of lines iterating through becomes smaller.

The principle behind the ghost lines behavior is to suggest many past possibilities and then to use pressure to narrow these while drawing.

The lines are drawn when the pen is moving slowly, but the speed has been increased from the last tests so that one can draw slowly and see ghost lines appear and change depending on pressure and past strokes.

Please watching in 720p to see the thin dotted lines.

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One Response to Prototype: {Pressure Sensitive}

  1. Sean says:

    So the wacom tablet now has relevant input in unity?
    Anything else this does?

    Thought about sending it along to Unity? Maybe they will reward you with free things.

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