Line Drawing in Unity with Vectrosity

I am going to be developing the third GUI and interaction mockup from the last post. This involves the creation of ghost or suggestion vectors by a behavioral software.

In the series of prototypes that are developed in this direction, the focus will be on ghost lines that are created in response to data being gathered from the user. The collaboration will be one between the designer and him or herself and the machine.

The designer will have the ability to take the machine’s suggestions or to ignore them. The behaviors of the software will be related to the history of the user, and current data being gathered, as well as tweak-able by the user in realtime.

To this end:

I’ve been exploring how to implement quick adjustable lines being drawn by the software in response to user actions and data.

I’ve found the vectrosity line drawing library:

in this example I’m drawing a dotted line by sampling the position of a rigid body that has a force applied to in the forward direction, when I press the mouse button an upward force is applied, and continually it’s position is sampled and saved to an array, and this is passed to a vector line object that is continually drawn.

This is only one way to draw lines and to effect their shapes and directions, I have a few more to try and I may use multiple. What is interesting about this approach is as the rigid body and my user drawn lines are both really 3d objects with colliders I can have them interact, and have the machine generated lines intersect and collide with user generated lines.

Forces upon the line generating rigid body would be determined by sampling data in various ways. I immediately jump to pressure/line weight and drawing speed/accl.

In my next post I will detail some more methods of line drawing and how data will be used to modify the ghost lines.

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