Sensing Apparatus + Data Gathering V2

A more robust sensing board was designed to interface with various sensors and keep the data stable and relevant.  This includes a laddered string of sensors:


proximity switch sensor(sensing if the drawing surface is within 1.8 inches of the hand)

and force resistor between the thumb and pen

EMG (attached for these experiments to the forearm muscle illustrated in the diagrams below)(wrist movement)

X+Y data is still determined using the relative position of the cursor on the screen

Unfortunately I could not find a way to easily interface between the wacom pressure sensor and my processing bridge.  The sdk for the wacom stylus was proving too difficult for me to understand at this time, I decided instead to go for force sensitive resistor pads.

After conducting a number of small drawing/sketching sessions with intentional outcomes it became obvious that the proximity sensor was not a reliable way of detecting the lifted state of the pen.  I am hoping to address this with another force pad placed onto the top side of a location on the hand that rests on the drawing surface at most times.




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