Data split into variables, and mapping test

This code is fairly simple, but the accomplishment is allowing the arduino and processing link to run in the background always gathering data, while the environment and designers makes use of that data, without interrupting the flow of either.

There is always data flowing, but it does not effect the current action until it is accomplished and data is read from the Arduino again.  This can be tweaked later, to enable a more dependent design.

This code sets the position.z of the cube to equal the GSR data coming from the Arduino and smoothly moves the cube between those positions.  This basic action will be explored further collaboratively between two player/designers passing an object back and forth.

In this video you can see the data gather blocks executing every .5 seconds, while the motion code executes every frame until it resets upon reaching the requested position, it gathers another value from the text file and moves to that position.

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